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Issues with Language

A few weeks ago at our local pub quiz we had a question that I should have known – it was along the lines of “What important book was written by E. B. White (of Charlotte’s Web fame) and William … Continue reading

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DIY is not so bad

Initially this blog was supposed to be alternating accounts of how we attained and now maintain FIRE (Steve), and what we do in our new life as reasonably young retirees (Tuffy). Steve perseveres with his side of the blog, I … Continue reading

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Brain Games

For me, one of the difficulties of retirement is keeping my brain active. In my past life (i.e. when I worked) I struggled at least once a day on some sort of problem that required both knowledge and logic to … Continue reading

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Driving You Crazy

Houston gets a bad rep from the other states. Yes, it is roasting hot and humid in the summer, it gets hurricanes and floods a lot, many people have guns, the highest non-building point in the city is probably a … Continue reading

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Back to the Fold

“So tell me, what are you doing all day?”  That’s what Elaine asked me.  I stumbled a bit because, honestly, I’m a little embarrassed that I am not doing more.  Now that I’m over the initial milestones (catching up on … Continue reading

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Leaving Home

Not until you leave your home do you appreciate what you had.  As we slowly say goodbye to our favorite haunts I pause to reflect on how much fun we have had in this city.  This is the first city … Continue reading

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