November Financial Update

Only one more month left in the year, and thoughts are turning to the holiday season as well as planning for 2019. So lets see how the major markets and our own net worth did in November.

Market Nov-18 Q3 18 YTD
S&P500 1.79% -5.28% 3.24%
NASDAQ 0.34% -8.90% 6.19%
DOW 30 1.68% -3.48% 3.31%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund 1.55% -5.23% -1.29%
Our Net Worth 0.37% -5.77% -4.95%

YTD FIRE Rate = 2.54%

There have been modest gains in the market through 11 months in the major markets. I am concerned that the benchmark Vanguard 2040 fund seems to be under-performing the stock indices. I’m guessing that this is due to exposure to global markets which might not have done as well as US markets.

Our own net worth is down 5% for the year, which is a bit more than I would like. The disconnect is due to some individual stocks from our old company dropping badly and currently sitting at a 10 year low. However our spend rate is just over 2.5% which is where we are aiming to get to as a long term goal. Next month this will go up as our property taxes will show up.

Our own spend in November was the best of the year, as we had very few expenses in October (November covers paying off October’s credit card). So i’m pretty happy with that.

We had no big expenses last month which helped a lot, and hopefully property taxes not withstanding we won’t have any in December either.

Our entertainment costs were a bit higher than I would like as were our restaurant costs. I was happy that our grocery costs were right on target, but I still think there is scope to trim it back a bit.

I am in a position now where I can start analyzing the expenses for the year. I feel like we live a pretty good life, we could cut down in some areas, but the question is should we? There is no point retiring if we have to make our lives miserable, but there are certainly some luxuries we could cut a bit back on. I’ll review for our 2019 family objectives.

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