2018 Objectives Update

At the start of the year I posted some family objectives for the year. This was a system similar to how performance is often measured in jobs. The idea was to give us some nudges in behavior in order to move us in the right direction for our FIRE life.

So here is how we are through Q3.

Finance : Overall FIRE RATE <= 2.8%

Our overall plan is to move to 2.5% spending each year. This should be a sustainable amount to keep our net worth steady and also to allow it to grow. We are currently sitting at 2.75%, so we are on course at present barring any disasters.

Finance : Number of new phones/ipads/computers purchased = 0

Some of our electronics are slowing down. There is no doubt that if we were both still working we would probably have updated a few of our electronics. As it stands we have held off and I see no reason why this should change in the last quarter.

Finance : Grocery bill < $600 per month by EOY

Our plan was to drop our monthly grocery bill from $700 a month down to $600. At $600  a month that is about $150 a month (but also with limited restaurant visits). Currently we are spending $604 a month, so we are in pretty good shape. As long as we are careful this should be able to be made.

Fitness (Steve) : Miles run per week average 15 by EOY 

I’m still running quite a bit, but I have found averaging 15 miles a week to be tough. The summer was very hot and we had a lot going on. We also had vacation time and I had a small injury earlier in the year. It got to the point a couple of months ago where to make this I would need to get up to 20 miles a week. For next year I will probably focus on completing a couple of races.

This will not get completed this year.

Blogging : Number of posts >= 85 in 2018

This was based on a twice weekly schedule, with a bit of a break over the summer. This is the 66th post of the year, so I need to get out 19 more with around 11 weeks of the year to go. So as long as I stick to the twice weekly schedule this should be OK.

So of the 5 objectives, 4 are on track and the other is not going to get made.


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