July Financial Update

We are now moving well through the summer, it’s hot and the kids are out of school. Much as it’s great to have kids around I do kind of miss our routine. So how did the major markets do during July?

Market Jul-18 YTD
S&P500 3.60% 5.34%
NASDAQ 2.15% 11.13%
DOW 30 4.71% 2.82%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund 2.56% 2.94%
Our Net Worth 1.63% 0.94%

FIRE Rate YTD = 2.47%

Most of the markets had a good month in July and we are now pretty close to the highs seen back in January.

Our own net worth had a good jump in July (though obviously not as good as those seen in the markets).

Our current YTD rate is approaching the goal of 2.5%. So we are now not doing as well as before. This is mainly due to the large cost of paying for my sons braces. Next month won’t be any better as we have some school fees to pay for.

Our credit card bill was pretty low as we didn’t use our credit card much while on vacation. Therefore our grocery bill for example was very low.

We also paid our annual house insurance which was over $1000.

We have also had quite a lot of visitors over the summer, which of course is lovely but does add to potential expenses as we want to take people out whether it is overnight somewhere or just for a meal.

This month also represents a full year in our house, which for us really means a first full year of FIRE. I think we have done a reasonable job of keep our expenses manageable. We could of course always do better though. I am a bit nervous about any potential drop in the market, however I feel we have mitigated slightly by paying for things like the braces outright. Thus protecting us from further large expenses down the line in any potential down market.


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