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The Christmas Conundrum

With Christmas fast approaching and two children, we have to decide exactly what sort of holiday this is going to be. Our feeling is the children probably have enough “stuff” but obviously they still want to open things on Christmas … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving on the Cheap

Just a short update today as in the US its the Thanksgiving holiday. It is very easy for the holidays to get expensive with over doing on food and alcohol. Typically Thanksgiving has not been a big day for us … Continue reading

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Saving for College

In the US saving for college or University can be expensive. Tuition at a private university can be over $30,000 a year, even in state tuition at a local public university can be $10,000. Add in another $10,000 for room … Continue reading

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Our Best Resource – The Library

When we were working we used to spend a lot of money on books, to the point where our house was over-run with books. This isn’t something I regret as having access to reading, books and knowledge is an important … Continue reading

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It’s No-school-vember

During November there are a lot of days off school, between three days for Thanksgiving, three days for teacher conference plus a couple of teacher training days our children are only in school for just over half the month.

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Your Most Important Savings Mechanism

Saving for retirement is hard. luckily for most people in the US there is a tax advantaged way of contributing that requires little to no work from your self. If you work for a large employer in the US there … Continue reading

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House on FIRE

For most people their largest asset is their house, for people on FIRE there is no difference. We were lucky that we bought our house in Houston at a low in the market, so this meant when we sold earlier … Continue reading

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October Financial Update

Its Autumn! Living here in Portland, October definitely felt more like fall than Houston ever did. The leaves are changing, it’s chilly in the morning and everyone seems to be getting excited about the various upcoming holidays. October is also … Continue reading

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