Driving You Crazy

Houston gets a bad rep from the other states. Yes, it is roasting hot and humid in the summer, it gets hurricanes and floods a lot, many people have guns, the highest non-building point in the city is probably a freeway, and the drivers are all utterly insane.

However, it is an incredibly diverse city, it’s cheap to live there, the weather in winter is fabulous, and the people are pretty amazing. Houstonians can criticize Houston ad infinitum, however this is a totally unacceptable practice for tourists. So the next time you visit Houston, go anytime from October – April find an interesting spot to sit, eat fabulous food and meet wonderful people. And don’t drive because it sucks in that city.

Having said that, driving is more challenging in Portland simply because cars are like second class citizens. Pedestrians strut across the road, confident in their own importance, cyclists zoom through stop signs, many streets are tight so drivers need to pull over to let oncoming cars pass, and at times the homeless will wander in the street, oblivious to their surroundings. I don’t get so mad at other drivers here because they tend to be very respectful. Though native Oregonians think very differently … especially when it comes to those with California license plates.

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4 Responses to Driving You Crazy

  1. Lana Hicks says:

    And don’t forget about the mosquitoes! (Since I’m a native of the Houston area, I’m allowed, right?)

  2. PETER WANG says:

    When I retire, I’m going to sell my car, and share 1 car with my wife.

    • Tuffy Traylen says:

      Are you retiring to Houston? It’s kind of hard to use public transport in Houston unless you are right on one of the bus lines.

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