Leaving Home

Not until you leave your home do you appreciate what you had.  As we slowly say goodbye to our favorite haunts I pause to reflect on how much fun we have had in this city.  This is the first city our children have really known, the first house they will remember forever, the first place where they played in the park with friends without parents around.  Catherine biked all over the neighborhood, at one point driving so dangerously that a Mum and very dear friend let me know.  Ironically a few years later I had to tell the same Mum that her son was doing the same on his bike.  I remain uncertain whether it is better to live all over the world or to live in the same place as you grow up.  What my own children have gained in new experiences and independence, they have lost in not having the security and comfort of constant home and friends.

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Paul Blubaugh
Paul Blubaugh

No one, on their deathbed, ever said they wished they had spent more time at work. One usually wishes they spent more time with friends and family. Good luck in Oregon – what an exciting adventure!


Best to have a balance of both I think. My Kids are now getting to the age that they want to go back to Australia Every year for holidays. So they seem to want the stability of at least holidaying in the same place every year