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December Financial Update

So that was 2017. By any standards from a market point of view it was pretty spectacular with all major markets up by 20% or more. I don’t think this year will be anywhere close to this but clearly this … Continue reading

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Dividends Day

Now that the holiday period is over it’s back to the twice weekly publication schedule. During the last few weeks there has been a slew of major holidays, Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah and for those with mutual funds Dividends Day!

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The Family Business

As someone who in a previous life spent a lot of time creating and interpreting business spreadsheets I like to look at running our family’s finances in much the same way as I would a business.

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Whats Your Net Worth?

Do you have $1? If so congratulations! You are doing better than at least 10% of all US households. If you look at the chart in this report you can see that the cross over into positive net worth is … Continue reading

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Playing Games – Part 2

Last time I was talking about board games with a quick overview of five of the games we play the most in our house. This time I will overview another five. Firstly though here are a few useful resources. For … Continue reading

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Playing Games

Looking at other personal finance blogs it seems that board gaming is a popular hobby. I think this is because it keeps the mind active, it only requires a one time investment and brings families and friends together. We are … Continue reading

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Required Minimum Distributions on an Inheritance

One of the vagaries of the US tax code is dealing with retirement income from a 401k or an IRA. Both are similar investing vehicles, a 401K is usually offered by a workplace and people invest up to $18,000 a … Continue reading

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November Financial Update

Last month of the year, the final hurdle. Everyone is well into the holiday spirit and we are finalizing the last things we need to do before the end of the tax year. December is pretty busy as it’s also … Continue reading

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The Christmas Conundrum

With Christmas fast approaching and two children, we have to decide exactly what sort of holiday this is going to be. Our feeling is the children probably have enough “stuff” but obviously they still want to open things on Christmas … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving on the Cheap

Just a short update today as in the US its the Thanksgiving holiday. It is very easy for the holidays to get expensive with over doing on food and alcohol. Typically Thanksgiving has not been a big day for us … Continue reading

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