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The “R” in FIRE

So the “R” in FIRE stands for Retire, but what actually does retire mean. To different people it can mean different things from stopping working all together to having the time to pursue any passion projects or jobs you are … Continue reading

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The Cordcutters Guide to the Olympics.

When we moved to Portland, one of the things we were adamant about was that we weren’t going to carry a cable contract. Cable is expensive and it also comes with long term contracts.

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Keeping Fit

One of the biggest issues with financial independence is that it has the potential to be sedentary. Sure it’s great to have all this time on your hands and to work on projects but a lot of these activities involve … Continue reading

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January Financial Update

Well that was January, graveyard of New Years resolutions. By any measure the market performance in January was pretty incredible (or worrying if your world view is that way inclined). Most people are saying the market is overcooked, but they … Continue reading

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In Which I Predict the Stock Market for the Next Five Years

No, really. Apologies for the clickbait headline. But I thought I would run an experiment. No one can actually predict the stock market as if they could they would be richer than everyone else on the planet! You might as … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just a US Problem

Like many bloggers in the FIRE community i’m based in the US, so sometimes it’s natural to feel that the issues around lack of saving for retirement and having enough money for a comfortable future are exclusive to the US. … Continue reading

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To Diversify Further or Not

You have probably noticed that the stock market has gone crazy. Last year was an incredible year with 20%+ rises in most market. So far in 2018 most markets are up over 5%,  our portfolio is up by more than … Continue reading

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Keep it Simple Stupid.

The other day I was asked if I would take a look at a family member’s 401K allocations. Nothing major, but they just wanted some clarification that they were investing appropriate to their risk tolerance.

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Gloomhaven – An Entrepreneurial Success Story.

You can’t buy the best board game in the world. A look on boardgamegeek shows that sitting at number one is the game Gloomhaven. It hasn’t been released yet, so how can it be at number one?

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Objectives for 2018

Most businesses operate under a system called management by objectives. In order to align everyone’s behavior, employees will typically have an integrated set of business objectives in order to reach a company’s overall business goals. If an individual employee succeeds … Continue reading

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