The Second Half

So a week ago I ran my second half marathon. The weather was colder and wetter so I was a bit nervous about actually doing this one. But in the end I am glad I ran it.

This run was the local Holiday Half and started at the Daimler campus (they also kindly sponsored it) down by the Willamette river. The first mile was uphill so I started a bit slow, so I was a bit concerned about my time. But the next eleven miles was flat followed by the down hill on the last mile, which was very nice!

In the end I completed in 2 hours, 6 minutes. This was 7 minutes faster than my previous time and significantly faster than I expected. I has hoped to break 2 hours 10 minutes, so this was nice surprise. While of course this is no where’s near to being any sort of elite time, it is a decent casual runner time.

All year I had been considering that breaking two hours was well outside my ability, but having knocked off seven minutes this time, there is no reason I can’t aim for say 2 hours and 4 minutes next time. Therefore two hours flat seems a good goal for either late 2019 or 2020.

It seems there is at least one half marathon in the area every month so I have plenty of options for the next one. If they were cheap then I could probably realistically run one each month. However they cost anywhere from $50 to $90 depending on how close to the event. Realistically I can’t spend that each month. Probably what I will do is run one again around Easter. I don’t think I will do one in the summer as it is just too hot, but I will look for one in say September and then do the Holiday Half again in December.

For Easter time I have two options, either the Hop Hop Half, which is the one I did earlier in the year or alternatively the Shamrock run. The main disadvantage of the Shamrock run is the sheer size of it with several thousand runners. I think that might be too big for me, so the likelihood is I will do the Hop Hop Half again.

The obvious question is will I step up and do a full marathon, the short answer to that is, I don’t know. I have never run more than thirteen miles in training and that always leaves me pretty drained. I might start putting a couple of fifteen mile runs into my training and then when i’m comfortable with that seventeen or eighteen milers. If I feel comfortable with that then maybe I can think about full marathon training. 

I don’t feel any great desire to do a full marathon but if I become more comfortable with the half distance then maybe I will look into it. I’m still enjoying running and find it therapeutic as well as social when running in a group.

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