So You Want to Host a Games Night Pt 2?

Last time I wrote about setting up a games night and some party games you could play. Here are some other style of games and ideas for a games night.

Filler Games

If you are going to be playing some heavier games later in the night, it’s always a good idea to start out with some filler games. These are usually shorter games (30-45 minutes) that have pretty easy rules.

A recommended game is Azul, a very popular game that came out last year. It has very nice components and is easy to learn. In the game you have to select tiles from a pool and try to build a floor tile without having the same color in the same row or column.

Another game in a similar vein is Sagrada. This involves drafting dice from a pool and building a stained glass window based on placement rules regarding placing the dice. The game looks very pretty and teaches easily.

An older filler game is Ticket to Ride. For a few years this was the most popular gateway game out there, players collect cards and use the matching sets to complete train routes. It’s simple and easy to pick up.

Collaborative Games

If you have a smaller group and it’s not a very competitive group, you could consider a collaborative game. These games require people to work together in order to complete a common goal. The grand daddy of these games is Pandemic, where all players are working together to try and stop a global catastrophe. 

Another good collaborative game is Mysterium. In this game you are working together as a team of psychics to determine who killed another player who is acting as a ghost. The ghost silently hands out clue cards and the rest of the team has to interpret to determine the meaning.

High Strategy Games

Maybe your group is made up of more experienced gamers who want something more involving. Most of these games take a couple of hours and have more complex rules. I certainly wouldn’t recommend these games unless you know your group would enjoy these sort of games, so certainly do some research first.

The first game I would recommend at the high end is Scythe. This game mixes area control, combat and engine building in an alternate 1920’s. It has well made components, nice artwork and deep strategy. A typical game though with lots of players who are new to the game might take 3 or 4 hours.

I would also recommend Great Western Trail. Again a game with many moving parts, but is very thematic with each player delivering cattle in a wild west setting.

The third game I would recommend is Terraforming Mars. This has again been a very popular game involving each player building projects to try and terraform the red planet. This can be a very long game, but is super thematic and has some interesting decision making. It is a very long game, with a typical game for only 2 players who know the game lasting 2 hours. So for 5 people who are not experienced it could take several hours. 

A game night can be a fun and social way to connect with friends and family, but you need to know your group and do some preparation beforehand. 

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