October Financial Updates

It’s been a crazy month on the markets. Some major stocks have lost all their 2018 gains. This is of course normal in the course of the ups and downs of the markets. We aren’t too concerned as we are in for the long haul, but seeing tens of thousands of dollars wiped off our net worth can still be disconcerting.

October started off warm and sunny with temperatures in the 80’s. By the end of the month it was the normal wet and rainy Portland weather. Our son had fun on Halloween, making his costume from scratch, so that was a good arts and crafts project.

We also made some good progress turning our spare bedroom into a formal games room (Kallax are your friend!). Now we just need some themed decoration.

So here is how the markets and our own net worth did in October and through the year.

Market Oct-18 YTD
S&P500 -6.94% 1.43%
NASDAQ -9.20% 5.83%
DOW 30 -5.07% 1.60%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund -6.68% -2.80%
Our Net Worth -5.60% -4.78%

Fire Rate YTD = 2.65%

The benchmark Vanguard 2040 is under performing the major markets, maybe due to international exposure. The almost 6% drop in our net worth in one month is definitely concerning, but you have to take the rough with the smooth.

Our spending for the month was pretty good, coming in at $2700 under budget. And overall for the year we are currently about $4000 over budget (assuming a very conservative 2.5% spend). If we have a good November and December we should catch that up. However we do have property taxes due this month which will blow up the December costs.

Our groceries were a little higher than I would have liked in October, it was however offset by lower than normal entertainment costs.

On the one off front, we had to pay our quarterly predicted Oregon State taxes, we also had to pay for the washing machine repair.

On to the expensive Holiday season!


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Gentleman's Family Finances

that’s some nasty drop in the space of a month!

and I’m a huge fan of Kallax too – we just bought another 4 (2×2) as a book/toycase for our kids – they do an amazing job!