September Financial Update

We are now into the fourth quarter of the year, soon it will be the holiday season and we will start planning for 2019.

So let’s see how the major markets did in September as well as our own personal net worth.

Market Sep-18 Q3 18 YTD
S&P500 0.43% 7.20% 8.99%
NASDAQ -0.78% 7.14% 16.56%
DOW 30 1.90% 9.01% 7.04%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund 0.13% 3.79% 4.17%
Our Net Worth -0.29% 1.58% 0.89%

Fire Rate YTD = 2.7%

In general all the markets had a pretty good Q3 with everything up 7-9%, the benchmark Vanguard 2040 was up just under 4% and our own net worth is up about 1.6%. The 1.6% rise is inline with a 3.8% rise in the benchmark if you remove the 2.7% spend.

It’s a little disappointing that the over the year so far the market’s are up by almost double digits but the benchmark is only up 4.2%

Our own spend in September (mainly from August’s credit card) was our lowest of the year, which helped to drop our FIRE rate/spend down to closer to our goal.

Our clothing spend was higher than usual mainly due to having to prepare for school. We also spent a bit more on groceries than normal because we had visitors a lot of August.

Entertainment was up considerably, again because of visitors and also because of one large purchase.

September should also be a reasonably good month. I’m not expecting any surprises. The only other big expenditure towards the end of the year will be property taxes.

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