August Financial Update

September is here, kids are back in school and we are moving into the last phase of the year. So let’s see how we did in August along with the rest of the markets.

Market Aug-18 Q3 18 YTD
S&P500 3.03% 6.74% 8.52%
NASDAQ 5.71% 7.98% 17.47%
DOW 30 2.16% 6.98% 5.04%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund 1.06% 3.65% 4.03%
Our Net Worth 0.24% 1.88% 1.18%

YTD FIRE Rate = 2.90%

All the major markets were up in August, with the NASDAQ up significantly. Our own net worth was only up a quarter of a percent, for reasons I’ll go into later. Through the year so far the NASDAQ is closing in on 20%, which is a great return, the others are less impressive.

Through the year so far our own net worth is up just over 1%, if you factor in the 2.9% we are on course to spend this year, then that puts us close to the 4% benchmark above.

We’ve had a big jump in our spending the last 2 months with paying for braces and also school fees. That has pushed our FIRE rate to close to 3%. This is now above our goal of getting close to 2.5%. However i’m expecting this month to be pretty frugal (touch wood!) so that should start coming down again. Our only major expense i’m expecting for the rest of the year is the property taxes later in the year.

Looking at the rest of our expenses for the month we had a big spike in groceries. I think this is mainly due to the large number of visitors we had, so we had to spend more on regular items.

Although paid for in July, the new vacuum cleaner and the water bill become due. Also the last of our vacation expenses came in.

As I said September should be pretty good, I can already see this months credit card bill. With more of a routine in place now, it should be easier to keep track of day to day expenses.

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