The $500 Vacuum Cleaner

First of all apologies for missing posting the last week. With the kids off for summer, the whole structure of the week changes dramatically, which means that finding the time to just sit and blog is tough.

So we just bought a new vacuum cleaner. Our old one still works, but it’s quite large and hard to lug up and down stairs. We hadn’t really planned on getting a new one but having seen first hand how light and easy my mother’s Dyson hand held stick cleaner worked, we decided to go ahead and get one too.

Now Dyson’s are expensive, even the low end models are over $250 and the newer models are around $500. But I think this is an item that you very much get what you pay for. They are very light and extremely powerful. Most handhelds can’t replace an upright, however these are powerful enough to. As I mentioned above the lightness is important to enable us to easily clean stairs and places that the other cleaner cant reach.

So how does this fit with our frugal lifestyle? The simple fact is it doesn’t. But sometimes you need to make a decision about what works best for your family. This cleaner will allow our 11 year old to add vacuuming to his list of chores. The old cleaner was too heavy for him to carry around. Also, because it’s light and small it’s a lot easy to get out, this means we can vacuum more often. By vacuuming more often we pick up more dust and pet dander. Our 11 year old suffers with allergies, so having less allergens around is a positive experience for all.

Do we need to spend $500 on a vacuum cleaner? No of course not, it’s definitely an indulgence, however sometimes you need to do what’s right for your family situation and what makes life easier. Sure, being early retired is going to take some sacrifices, but you need to pick and choose your battles. Sometimes you need to think about what adds to your quality of life.

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My wife is thinking about a new vacuum. Our simplicity is almost 20 years old and it still works pretty well. She might have to sabotage it before she can buy a new Dyson. 🙂

Frankie @ Fully Franked Finance

Congrats on the new vacuum! The whole point of being good with your money is to help you get what you value most in life – sounds like this is a worthwhile investment!

We actually did the same thing 6 months ago and it is amazing – I used to to all the vacuuming, lugging the old thing up and down stairs too, but now my wife LOVES vacuuming! So easy just to pull off the wall, clean up a little spot, and put it straight back.


Cheers, Frankie