June Financial Update

Halfway through the year already. The year seems to be flying! Based on the markets for the first six months we can have a reasonable idea of how the year is going to go. Most markets are pretty much flat through the first half, so it’s not unreasonable to expect the overall year to stay fairly flat (though we could all be surprised!)

So here is how the major markets and out own net worth did through H1.

Market Jun-18 Q2 18 YTD
S&P500 0.48% 2.93% 1.67%
NASDAQ 0.92% 6.33% 8.79%
DOW 30 -0.59% 0.70% -1.81%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund -0.33% 0.90% 0.36%
Our Net Worth -0.43% 0.49% -0.68%

FIRE rate through June = 2.2%

So as mentioned other than the NASDAQ the other markets are pretty flat. The benchmark Vanguard 2040 fund is only up 0.35% in the first half of the year and was down a small amount in June.

Our own net worth was down a bit in June and we ended the first half of the year down around 0.7%

Our current spend rate is at 2.2% which i’m happy with as it is well under our target of 2.7% (and even our stretch goal of 2.5%). However our largest expenses will all be in H2.

Our expenses in June were under our budget, which is pretty good considering it covers both the credit card from May and quite a lot of June’s expenses too. When we were on vacation we didn’t use the credit card at all, we tried to stick with cash. So that will show up in June’s numbers.

We had a couple of large expenses, we finally paid the $400 vet bill. Also we paid the quarterly estimated state tax. We also paid our 6 monthly car insurance bill, so that was another $500.

In theory July should be a pretty good month however our son is getting braces – which are expensive. I’ll write more about that later in the month.

How did your first half of the year go?

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