May Financial Update

May is now over and we are heading rapidly into summer. The kids will soon be off and we are heading off on vacation next week.

So here is how the major markets and our own net worth did in May.

Market May-18 Q2 18 YTD
S&P500 1.78% 2.44% 1.18%
NASDAQ 5.32% 5.36% 7.80%
DOW 30 1.05% 1.30% -1.23%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund 0.84% 1.24% 0.70%
Our Net Worth 0.67% 0.92% -0.26%

FIRE rate YTD = 2.18%

All the markets were up this month, and after the turmoil of February and March things seem to have settled down to be flat to slightly up for the year. The NASDAQ has been the big mover for the year, so far with the DOW 30 down slightly.

Our own net worth is down slightly overall for the year. Which based on the market is about what I would expect. Our FIRE rate is currently at about 2.2% which is under our yearly target of 2.7%

May in Detail

So we had a pretty good month and ended up $2000 under our budget. Our only large bills was for some required ant treatment (an issue here in the North West) and our quarterly water bill.

Grocery expenses were good at under $500, which after a couple of months that were out of control was pleasing. We spent more on clothes than normal as we needed new hiking shoes for the summer.

Everything else was pretty much under control and where we hoped. Almost halfway through the year and i’m happy with how things are going. Next month will be mainly on vacation. This will actually not be too expensive as most of our expenses have already been paid for.

Have a great June!

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