March Financial Update

So just like that we are now a quarter of the way through the year. Although January was great for the markets, the retreats in February and March has pulled everything pretty much back to flat (or worse) for the year.

So here is how the major markets and our portfolio did in March.

Market Mar-18 Q1 18
S&P500 -2.69% -1.22%
NASDAQ -2.88% 2.32%
DOW 30 -3.70% -2.49%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund -1.14% -0.53%
Our Net Worth -0.96% -1.17%

Fire Rate YTD = 2.1%

So all the major markets were down in March, our own net worth was only down by a small amount mainly due to our federal tax refund. All the major markets except the NASDAQ were down for the quarter.

March in Detail

Our overall spending was under budget for the month. However we had some larger expenses which put a bit of a dent in things; our roof needed moss treatment (one of the problems with living in the Pacific North West!), our oven needed a repair after an element blew in it. We had some garden work done in preparation for the spring. Also my hotel costs for my LA trip came due.

Our grocery bill was quite high, and i’m not sure why so I need to look into that. Our restaurant and entertainment budget was in line with expectations so i’m happy with that.

I’m expecting April to be relatively quiet with no obvious large expenditures (though obviously something might pop up!). For the year so far we are well under budget and our summer vacation is mostly paid for. We need to stay under budget as our two largest expenses for the year both come during H2 (property taxes and school fees).

Hopefully everyone had a good quarter and roll on spring!

On Friday i’ll do a quarterly review of the family KPIs.


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