February Financial Update

February was a crazy month. At one point the major markets were all down over 10%, which is an official correction. Things picked up a bit at the end of the month (although March has not started out well), but it looks like the good times might be over.

So here is how the major markets and ourselves did in February.

Market Feb-18 Q1 18
S&P500 -3.89% 1.50%
NASDAQ -1.87% 5.35%
DOW 30 -4.28% 1.25%
Benchmark Vanguard 2040 Fund -3.72% 0.62%
Our Net Worth -3.63% -0.29%

Fire Rate YTD – 2.1%

All the major markets are still up in 2018, but just by a small amount. Our net worth is down slightly for the year, and was down by 3.5% in February.

January in Detail

Our grocery bill was good news in February (actually January spend due to credit card cycles) coming in at only $480 which means we are on track at present to meet our $600 a month grocery target.

Utilities were high due to our quarterly water bill coming due. Our transport budget was very high due to paying for our flights to the UK in the summer. As mentioned previously we paid for this partially with miles. But it was still a close to $2000 expense.

We also had a $900 expense for a shower repair which added a significant amount to our monthly expenses.

Entertainment and restaurant expenses were under our normal average so that was a positive.

Our FIRE rate year to date is at 2.1%. This is below our 2.7% target and 2.5% stretch goal. I’m happy with how things have gone so far this year. I’m hopeful we can keep this level of spending up for the next few months. March will have a couple of larger expenses due to my LA trip and an oven repair.

We will also have a few more vacation expenses in March but i’m fully expecting our overall March expenses to be well under our budget as they will come due in April.


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Frankie @ Fully Franked Finance

Looks like a good start to the year financially Steve. The dip in February was a wonderful reminder to everyone – I have no idea yet whether the good times are over, but it’s best to be prepared for it!