Gloomhaven – An Entrepreneurial Success Story.

You can’t buy the best board game in the world. A look on boardgamegeek shows that sitting at number one is the game Gloomhaven. It hasn’t been released yet, so how can it be at number one?

For most people the beauty of being financially independent is the ability to follow a passion project or to start your own business. Isaac Childres left his job as a physicist to found Cephalofair Games, he had some minor success, then in 2015 he started funding for Gloomhaven through kickstarter. He was asking for $70,000 and got almost $400,000. So by any standards this was a success. This allowed him to create the first edition of his game.

Copies started arriving and people liked it, *really* liked it. So Isaac started asking for more kickstarter money to improve the game, upgarde the quality of the pieces and generally professionalize the product. He asked for $100,000 to do this. He got $4 million.

At this point the game was a genuine phenomenon. Copies have started now to arrive in the backers hands and with so many more backers than expected this is taking a long time. The reviews have started coming in, and this has led to the number one ranking on boardgamegeek.

The game is scheduled to finally hit retail bricks and mortar stores and online retailers next week, but there might still be a delay due to high demand. At which point gamers who didn’t participate in the kickstarter will be able to try the game out. Bear in mind though this isn’t a normal game. Firstly it weighs 20 pounds and will cost $140, so this isn’t for casual gamers. Secondly it is a legacy game so decisions made in one game will change the game forever for future games, as such it will require a committed group of gamers.

Despite all this success, Isaac will not become a multi-millionaire from Gloomhaven. He has gained the respect of his peers, and will get funding a lot easier for his next project. However he has presumably fulfilled his life’s ambition. His name will open doors.

By any standards Isaac has had incredible success over the last few years by following his dream. For anyone who has a passion project, whether they be retired or not, I think Isaac’s story is a telling example of the value of following your dream.

For those interested in Gloomhaven i’ll leave you with a review from the good folk at Shut Up and Sit Down.


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