Thanksgiving on the Cheap

Just a short update today as in the US its the Thanksgiving holiday. It is very easy for the holidays to get expensive with over doing on food and alcohol. Typically Thanksgiving has not been a big day for us and we usually use it to get away for a long weekend. This year as we had just moved and we have family close by we did a large meal.

We usually have turkey for Christmas so we didn’t do one for Thanksgiving. However we did buy one. Let me explain. One thing about Thanksgiving is that it is a great opportunity to buy cheap turkey. Our local grocery store was giving away a free turkey as long as we bought $100 of groceries. So we did a full shop there and got some free meat. After butchering it down we had several pounds of breast meat that we ground down for burgers, chili and meat loaf along with a couple of turkey legs and thighs that would provide even more meals. Overall we probably got 7 or 8 full meals for 4 for free.

The other big tradition over Thanksgiving is Black Friday. This seems like its mainly an excuse for people to buy a load of new TVs that they don’t really need. I did check out the flyers to see if there were any small Christmas presents that we could get for cheaper than normal. But other than that Black Friday has no real impact on us.

We will probably get out of the next couple of days but I don’t anticipate spending much money. We also wont be putting up decorations, we don’t usually get a real Christmas tree as they are quite expensive and we aren’t big fans of chopping trees down just for decoration. We typically don’t put the rest of our decorations up until the first or second week of December. A full month before Christmas just seem to long to be up, but of course your mileage may vary.

For those celebrating have a great rest of the long weekend!

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