It’s No-school-vember

During November there are a lot of days off school, between three days for Thanksgiving, three days for teacher conference plus a couple of teacher training days our children are only in school for just over half the month.

Of course these days are spread out through the month rather than all together. So it’s tough to take the time for a formal vacation but it does give some opportunities for short trips away. So last weekend was a five day weekend and so we contemplated getting away. For a formal trip away our options were to head up to Seattle for a few days or to find a cheap flight somewhere a little sunnier.

We decided that Seattle probably wasn’t worth it. The weather would have meant that we wouldn’t have been able to sit outside or walk around in the city, and we would have had to limit ourselves to indoor places. I think we will leave a return to Seattle until the spring.

We did look into flying somewhere, but even with a cheap flight for the four of us including a hotel room or airbnb we would have been looking at over $1000. With us on a budget this didn’t seem like it would be worth the effort and our travel money was better spent being put towards larger vacations next year.

So in the end we stayed back in Portland and took the opportunities to do a few day trips. The first place we went for the day is OMSI, this is a great science museum in town. Our son has been nagging us to go for weeks, so we went ahead and bought a membership for the year. Even though this was $110 I know we will get value, as we will likely go 4 or 5 times through the year. Our son doesn’t to want to spend a whole day there, so the ability to go there for an hour or two any time we want to is great.

The second day out we had was to road trip into the Columbia Gorge to Southern Washington. Unfortunately a lot of the tourist attractions on the Oregon side are closed after a catastrophic fire over Labor Day. However about two hours east of here in Southern Washington is Maryhill Museum, an eclectic art museum in an early twentieth century mansion overlooking the gorge. Near there is a replica Stonehenge which was built after World War One as a war memorial. The drive was nice with some great views over the river and the attractions were fun to visit.

Finding things to do with the family gets tougher as kids get older so it was nice to find a couple of different things to do.

We will probably try and find some other things to do over Thanksgiving as it is another five day weekend.

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Have a great Staycation! We took a 10 day trip to Cancun earlier in November and it was great. Our kid only missed 4 days of school. We’ll spend Thanksgiving at home, watching TV and playing games. OMSI is a great idea. We were members the last 2 years and we’re taking a couple of years off. Have fun.