‘The Path Less Traveled By’

A year ago we had a choice of two paths, and we took the path less traveled by, and hope that will make all the difference.  To give up two  well-paying jobs, consistent income, and excellent health insurance for an uncertain future and impending college expenses is questionable at best, but here we are.  I suppose the ultimate question is,

“What is life all about?”

Over time our lives became so dominated by work and making money that our definition of life revolved around work.  Only when we were forced to stop and evaluate what we wanted did we recognize that our lives had taken a course we did not like.  So we quit!  We washed our hands of the oil industry and decided to retire to Portland, Oregon.  Perhaps in Portland we will find out what life truly means, at least for us.  Everyone has his or her own definition and we are still seeking ours.



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Tigerin Peare
Tigerin Peare

Brilliant idea!! It takes a lot of courage to grab an opportunity and jump into the unknown….especially when the unknown is grey, drizzly, and filled with tree-huggers.